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11 Jul 2019
Vietnam International Exhibition on Medical & Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory and Analysis Equipments:
Machines, equipments and chemical used in analysis, laboratory, life science, environmental protection.
– Extracting & refining technology, product quality testing devices, substances.
– Air processing & waste treatment technology for factories and hospitals
– Products used in clean room

Medical equipments and materials used in hospitals:
Diagnostic, examination and treatment equipments: Accident and emergency equipment, diagnostics, disinfection and disposal systems, electromedical equipment, medical technology, medical furniture and equipment, rehabilitation equipment, orthopaedic supplies, medical consumables…
– Household medical equipments: Massage machines, blood pressure machine, electric scale…
– Medical safety clothes, jackboots, gloves…
– Building technology and services

Vietnam International Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Product & Processing Machinery

Vietnam International Exhibition In Cosmetics & Beautycare Industry 2023

Medicines: Various kinds of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, nutritious food.
Food Supplement
Drug raw materials: Herbal, essential oil, attar.
Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines:
– Food, chemical, cosmetics & pharmaceutical processing equipments & machines
– Packaging, labelling machines and technology
– Cosmetics,  cosmetic  equipment  and  jewelry  for  permanent  makeup;
– Perfumery and  personal  hygiene;
– Medical  tools,  accessories  and  products  for  professional  care  of  face,  body;
– Modeling and  designing  of  nails,  hairdressing,  pedicure,  eyelash  extensions;
– Equipment  and  solutions,  furniture  for  beauty  salons,  spa  &  wellness  facilities;
–  Aesthetic  products  &  equipment;
– Technology  and  material  for  cosmetics  and  beauty  products  industry

Vietnam International Exhibition on Hospital and Equipment

Vietnam International Exhibition on Dental Products & Technology

Medical equipments, instruments, machines & materials used in hospital.
– Examination & treatment services, community healthcare consultancy.
– Hospitals, medical centres, clinics, sanatoriums…

Medical Tourism

Dental Pratice
– Practice Furniture & Equipmant
– Dental Units
– Instruments & Tools for the Practive
– Dental Materials including Work Aids & Auxiliary Materials
– Prophylaxis/ Oral Hygiene
– Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Dentistry
Dental Laboratory
– Laboratory Furniture & Equipment
– Instruments & Tools for the Laboratory
– Model & Denture Materials
– Orthodontic (re-) Construction Auxiliaries
– Prefabricated CAD/CAM blocks, Mouldings, Artificial Teeth
Infection Control, Maintenance, Services & Information
– Sterilization/ Disinfectant Devices & Chemical
– Professional & Protective Clothing