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Welcome to Hong Kong Pavilion at Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo 2019 in Hochiminh City

23/07/2019 09:00

The Hong Kong pharmaceutical and healthcare products industry will participate for the first time at The 19th International Hospital, Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Hochiminh City(Vietnam – Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo 2019 in Hochiminh City), held at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center from1 – 3 August, 2019. The Hong Kong Pavilion will be launched for direct communication with Vietnamese pharmaceutical and health food agents, plumbers, retailers and distributors to explore potential business opportunities.

The Hong Kong industry will introduce "Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards", "Hong Kong Certification Scheme for Chinese Materia Medica" and "Hong Kong Hi-Quality Chinese Prepared Medicine and Health Foods Product Zone" with the theme of "High Quality". The Symposium on "Hong Kong Medicine and Health Food Brands" will promote business communication between pharmaceutical and health food companies in both places.

In 2002, the Hong Kong Department of Health launched the "Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards" ("HKCMMS") project, which aims to establish standards for safety and quality of some commonly used Chinese materia medica in Hong Kong. It has provided the industry a standard of Chinese material medica to ensure safety and quality, and at the same time promoted the research of Chinese medicine to facilitate the modernization and globalization of Chinese medicine, thus encouraging the international trade of Chinese medicine. The contents include name, source, traits, identification, inspection, leachable, content determination and chemical structure of the reference materials.So far, the "HKCMMS" has published 9 volumes, covering the research results and standards of 299 Chinese material medica. The "Hong Kong Pavilion" will showcase the "HKCMMS" to exhibitors in various forms.

The "Hong Kong Certification Scheme for Chinese Materia Medica" is an inspection and certification scheme launched by the Hong Kong Productivity Council on the basis of the "HKCMMS". The certification rules, procedures and management requirements are prepared with reference to relevant international standards, such as ISO Guide 67, ISO17067, etc.  All-round audits are carried out on the supply chain and transportation process of Chinese material medica, quality management systems or procedures and final products, those Chinese material medica meet the requirements will be issued certificates for that. This certification scheme can not only improve the quality of production and strengthen quality management, but also enhance the confidence of users in the quality of products and enhance the image of the Chinese material medica suppliers or manufacturers through upstream monitoring. The "Hong Kong Pavilion" will showthe audience more about the schemeand showcase certified products.

“Hong Kong Hi-Quality Chinese Prepared Medicine and Health Foods Product Zone” will introduce exhibitors Hong Kong's hi-quality products and brands. They have won many industry awards in Hong Kong and are deeply recognized by the local market. Their safety and effectiveness are certified by multi-parties. The "Hong Kong Pavilion" will show the audience the stories behind these hi-quality products and brands.

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