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An effective connection between domestic and foreign business

24/12/2018 08:12

The 18th international Medical, Hospital & Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

An effective connection between domestic and foreign business

With the support of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the International Hospital, Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition named VIETNAM MEDI PHARM EXPO has been held annually for 17 years. This year, the exhibition maintains and expands the number of participation of domestic and foreign companies. The exhibition will be held from 02 to 04/08/2018 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) - 799 Nguyen Van Linh Str., Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City.

New machines, advanced technology will be introduced at Vietnam Medipharm Expo 2018

With the results achieved in previous years, the Vietnam Medipharm Expo is expected to welcome about 350 domestic and foreign enterprises (increase 20% compared to 2017). According to the statistics of the Organizing Committee, the number of participating enterprises has increased steadily in the last three years, some of the typical markets such as Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan (43%), new countries and territories such as Israel, Iran, Mongolia, Ukraine, Russia, USA, etc.

Among the major product categories: Medical equipment (55%); Pharmaceuticals (17%); Equipment in the pharmaceutical industry (23%), and the increase of some groups such as: Dental, Ophthalmology, Nutraceutics, Natural Medicine, ....

In the past four to five years, domestic producers have been limited in this field. Nowadays, the domestic products such as pharmaceutical machinery (automatic bagging machine, raw material handling, molding, ...); Cooling system, Orthopedic diagnostic equipment, Vacuum tubes, Beds, Gloves,... are growing steadily. At the same time, FDI enterprises investing in industrial area have been actively contributing to the demand for medical examination and treatment in both medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The exhibition is not only an opportunity for foreign companies to promote their products, approach the experts, professors, doctors, pharmacists in the industry and manufacturers - business – distribution, this is also a good opportunity for domestic enterprises, especially pharmaceutical companies to do business with foreign partners and help promote the development and the demand of the Vietnamese market; thereby calling for investment attraction in Vietnam.

In 2017, according to statistics from the organizers, the Vietnam Medipharm Expo has welcomed 10,200 experts (67% from Vietnam, 22% from international) and about 4,000 visitors, increase 30% compared with 2016. To achieve that goal, we have to mention the widespread publicity efforts at hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and some neighboring provinces, the dispatch to the relevant departments, the wide invitation to International and domestic enterprises, organize seminars, provide detailed information of the exhibitors to partners through B2B system, ...

To promote the objectives of the exhibition, the organizer (Vinexad and Ho Chi Minh City Medical Equipment Association) has been actively invited domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the Vietnam Medipharm Expo. In the effort to convey the message of "trade opportunities, expansion of investment cooperation in Vietnam" to foreign enterprises and partners.

The 18th Vietnam Medipharm Expo is expected to attract more than 15,000 visitors who come for business and experience.


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